2013 Coding Education Webinar Series

CodingCert.com now has our 2013 Coding Education Webinar Series lined up for you. Every month, our expert speaker will be going through with you Coding Basics that are important for every professional coder.

Take a look at what we have in store for you:

    • Modifiers, Myths & Misconceptions
      • This is an overview of Problematic issues  with modifiers and their application in coding. (On-Demand Webinar will be available for purchase soon.)
  • **FEBRUARY 20, 2013
    • Evaluation & Mgmt Coding: A Quick Refresher – Part 1
      • This webinar will go over the “basics” of HIstory, Exam, and Medical Decision making and the “time” aspects and how it all works together to form E&M…SEE MORE.
  • **MARCH 13, 2013
    • Evaluation & Mgmt Coding: Let’s look at the “tough stuff” – Part 2
      • This next session in the webinar series will go in-depth into E&M codes for Observation, Inpatient, Preventive Care/Wellness.  We will look at both “criteria” based codes and “time” based codes…SEE MORE.
  • APRIL 18, 2013
    • Surgical Modifiers – What do I need to know?
      • This session will be an in-depth look at the surgical modifiers -22, -50, -51, -52, -53 through  -59,  -62, -63, -66,  -76 through 79,   Will also touch briefly on the modifiers 80, 81 and 82 in regard to the Assistant at Surgery. 
  • MAY 16, 2013
    • The Surgery Package – What is the deal???
      • This session will revolve around what is included in a “surgery package” format.  This will include looking at pre-op, intra op, and post-op care, will refer to correct usage of the modifiers (that we covered in the previous month’s session) , Global care/split care and post op time frames.   This will also include actual operative reports for review and study. 
  • JUNE 19, 2013
    • Pregnancy Coding and the OB pregnancy package of care
      • This session will include how to code for pregnancies in and out of the global pregnancy package.  We will discuss “antepartum” “intra-partum” and “post-partum” care.  Ancillary services for pregnancy to include Fetal Non-stress testing, Ultrasound, and laboratory tests that may be included.
  • JULY 18, 2013
    • Medical Necessity – Driving home the documentation of diagnosis coding
      • This webinar will take a look at the differences for 3 digit, 4th and 5th digit coding in ICD-9.  It will also discuss the need for medical necessity for claims and how the diagnosis is the main “driver” for medical necessity, and the care of the patient.  
  • AUGUST 15, 2013
    • The Medicine Codes: Immunizations, vaccines, Immune Globlulins
      • We will discuss in this session what these services are, definitions of the vaccines, what they are used for (diagnoses) preventive services with special emphasis on the cross/coding of CPT and HCPCS codes for the influenza, and pneumonia codes.   
  • SEPTEMBER 12, 2013
    • Back to School: Correct Coding for documentation for Physicals, and Sports clearance
      • This session will go over an in-depth analysis of how to correctly code for School Sports px’s, to include the Wellness exams, diagnosis drivers, and the usage of Vcodes for these encounters.  We will also cover many of the “screening” lab codes that are associated with these exams.  In this session I will include “wellness” templates that can be incorporated into the chart.  In addition, I will include actual “wellness/sports physicall”  documents for review and study. 
  • OCTOBER 10, 2013
    • ICD-9 Updates for the new year…
      • This session will be designated to the new ICD-9 updates that go into/went into effect on 10/01/2013…  and a look forward to the ICD-10 codes that we will transition to on 10/01/2014.
  • NOVEMBER 12, 2013
    • Orthopedic Fracture Care: an in-depth case study
      • In this session we will look at orthopedic fracture care, and if it is appropriate to “bundle” this into a specific code-set, or if it is better to “unbundle” and bill out with E&M codes.  We will also look at the coding in/outs of splints, casting, and HPCS codes for cast application codes. 
  • DECEMBER 11, 2013
    • Ultrasound and Radiology – Lets get back to basics
      • This webinar will cover the basic in’s and out’s of how to code basic radiology and ultrasound services.  (i.e. how many views are necessary to be able to bill the code)  The usage of the modifiers -26 professional component, modifier -TC technical component, or if the service is a “global” code.  We will also cover definitions of the service verbiage such as “flouroscopy, Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging etc.

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    • Individual Webinars — $100.00
    • **E/M Bundle Webinars — $150.00
    • All 12 Webinars — $800.00

**All Webinars are inclusive of handouts and CEUs

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About the Speaker:

Lori-Lynne is an independent coding, compliance, and auditing specialist.  She has 20+ years of multi-specialty coding experience and teaches coding, compliance and auditing skills for clinical and clerical staff, utilizing AMA  and AHIMA based curriculum.  Lori-Lynne is also an AHIMA ACE mentor

In addition to performing physician based coding and auditing services for Saint Alphonsus Physician Services, she is a contributing author & Audio presenter  for many national coding resources, a speaker and presenter for “The Coding Institute, CodingCert.com, Justcoding.com, AAPC, AHIMA and IdHIMA, plus contracts independent audit and education services  for private practice physicians and facilities.  She has a coding blog site that contains pertinent and up to date coding information at http://lori-lynnescodingcoachblog.blogspot.com/

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