Beginners’ Coding Prep Course now has a Beginners’ Coding Prep Course designed to help those that would like to explore medical coding as a career. You don’t need a Medical or a Science background for this course. Anyone can take it, any time, anywhere.

Our Beginners’ Coding Prep Course

    • is a totally asynchronous online course that can be completed any time, anywhere. Your success can only be determined by the time and effort that you wish to put in the course.
    • should be completed within 12 weeks from receipt of login details. It can be shorter or longer depending on your commitment to completing the course.
    • has been developed by an expert coder who has had more than 20 years of multi-specialty coding experience.

Our Beginners’ Coding Prep Course will…

    • Introduce the learner to ICD-9 CM and CPT-4 Coding
    • Teach the student…
      • Steps to Correct Diagnosis Coding
      • Understand the difference between Outpatient and Inpatient Coding
      • ICD-9 CM  Coding Conventions and Coding Guidelines
        • ICD-9 Volume 3 Procedural Coding for the Inpatient area
    • A good basic knowledge of the CPT book to include
      • Evaluation & Management Services
      • Operative, Procedural & Medicine Services
      • Category II and III codes
      • Correct Usage of Modifiers
      • Conclude the session with a final exam/review


    • CPT General Information & Modifiers
    • Evaluation & Management
    • Anesthesia
    • Integumentary Surgery Coding
    • Surgery Coding Overview
      • Muskoloskeletal System
      • Respiratory System
      • Cardiovascular System
      • Hemic and Lymphatic Systems
      • Digestive System
      • Mediastinum and Diaphragm Systems
      • Auditory System
      • Urinary System
        • Male Urinary System
        • Female Genital System
      • Endocrine System
      • Nervous System
      • Eye and Ocular Adnexa System
    • Introduction to ICD-10 CM/PCS
    • Category II and III Codes

The following books are required to accompany learners as they go through the course:

    • 2013 ICD-9 CM
    • 2013 CPT
    • 2013 HCPCS

If you are…

  • someone that does not have a medical background or industry experience but wants to start a career in Medical Coding
  • working in an outpatient facility or hospital but in a different department and wishes to understand and eventually practice Medical Coding

…then you should REGISTER for this course.

Register to this course for and start learning for only $650.00.

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