ICD-10 Webinar Series

As the implementation date for ICD-10 draws near, it is very important that coders are ready with the changes that it will bring.

CodingCert.com brings you a quarterly webinar series dedicated to information that every coder needs in order to understand what it takes to get ready for this very important change.

Here are the topics for each of the sessions:

  • MARCH 27, 2013
    • ICD-10 CM/PCS –  An Overview of What to Expect at Go-Live 10/01/2014
      • In this 1st of a 4 series session we will cover the differences between CM and PCS.  This will include history of ICD-9 and how we will be transitioning to ICD-10 in October of 2014.  
  • JUNE 26, 2013
    • ICD-10  CM/PCS –  Guidelines and Guidance
      • In this 2nd of 4 series session  We will cover the differences in Coding Diagnosis guidelines for ICD-10 for out-patient and in-patient coding.  We will also look at documentation criteria and medical necessity for the new coding system.  We will look at those “difficult” diagnosis challenges such as Pregnancy & OB, Hypertension, Diabetes, etc.
  • SEPTEMBER 25, 2013
    • ICD-10 CM/PCS –  Anatomy, Physiology and Physician-based Querys
      • In this 3rd of 4 series session, We will cover some of the more difficult areas of anatomy, physiology and how to correctly findout “where” you are in the anatomic “real estate” of the body, and when it is appropriate to query your physicians to get to the correct ICD-10 code. 
  • NOVEMBER 21, 2013
    • ICD-10 CM/PCS –  Countdown to Implementation
      • In this 4th of 4 series session, we will be looking forward to ICD-10 implementation, and how best to get your coding staff up to speed with ICD-10, and tips to keep the quality of your ICD-9 coding in-tact, while educating and anticipating the conversion to ICD-10.  We will look at the education process for all staff involved – to include coders, front/back office staff, physicians and mid-level providers.   This will be a “road-map” to help guide you to a successful transition and implementation. (Date to be posted later.)

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About the speaker:

Lori-Lynne is an independent coding, compliance, and auditing specialist.  She has 20+ years of multi-specialty coding experience and teaches coding, compliance and auditing skills for clinical and clerical staff, utilizing AMA  and AHIMA based curriculum.  Lori-Lynne is also an AHIMA ACE mentor

In addition to performing physician based coding and auditing services for Saint Alphonsus Physician Services, she is a contributing author & Audio presenter  for many national coding resources, a speaker and presenter for “The Coding Institute, CodingCert.com, Justcoding.com, AAPC, AHIMA and IdHIMA, plus contracts independent audit and education services  for private practice physicians and facilities.  She has a coding blog site that contains pertinent and up to date coding information at http://lori-lynnescodingcoachblog.blogspot.com/

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